Reasons To Wear A Hiking Skirt

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…. Hiking Skirt It wasn’t until the summer of 2020 that I discovered hiking skorts and skirts. Nick and I planned to go up to McNeil Point. My mom offered me her hiking skort and at first, I was hesitant. Aren’t hiking skirts for like women who hiked in the 1800s? Not anymore.  The most challenging part about them was overcoming my self-consciousness in … Continue reading Reasons To Wear A Hiking Skirt

Buying Your First Kayak

There are several things to consider before purchasing a kayak. This guide breaks down all the things to consider, different types of kayaks, and how to choose the correct paddle size. Questions to ask yourself before purchasing… Where and how do you see yourself kayaking? How much time do you expect to be on the water? What are your storage needs? If you only plan … Continue reading Buying Your First Kayak

Wildfire Safety Resources

With large wildfires becoming a normal summer occurrence in Oregon, it’s essential for PNW’ers to know what to do when one happens nearby. Did you know that 90% of wildfires are caused by humans? This is why it’s important for us to educate ourselves and each other about fire safety. There are several places online to find active wildfire information from, as well as fire … Continue reading Wildfire Safety Resources

Amok Mac with I Smell Children Jam

Spooky season is upon us!! One of our favorite Halloween dishes is this Amok Mac with I Smell Children Jam. “It reeks like children!!” Dedicated to the 1993 classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, our favorite Halloween movie… ok, that’s a lie. I can’t pick one favorite movie. This dish doesn’t have any dead man’s toes, but it does have toxic cheese. Plus some children jam (bacon jam) … Continue reading Amok Mac with I Smell Children Jam

Monster Mash Popcorn

Calling all monsters! This popcorn is for you! Simple and quick are just some of the reasons why you’ll enjoy this sweet popcorn. This Monster Mash is a great party treat or a Halloween movie night snack—and it only takes several spooky ingredients. Little “Sprinkles” Stick with black, white, orange, green or purple melting chocolate for the Halloween look Candy googly eyes are fun, but … Continue reading Monster Mash Popcorn

Harry’s Ridge + Devils Point

Distance: 9.45 milesHike Type: Out-and-BackDifficulty: ModerateElevation Gain: 1,752′Trail Condition: Ash, pumice, dirt, pavedTrail Highlights: Views of: Loowit (Mount St Helens), Pahto/Klickitat (Mount Adams), Wy’East (Mount Hood), Johnston Ridge Observatory, Spirit Lake, Coldwater Creek, Coldwater Peak, Saint Helens Lark Arch, Pumice Plain, Toutle Valley, Loowit Falls. Exposed edges, minimal shade, variety of terrain, hike through the Mt. Margaret Backcountry, footbridge, multiple trail junctions, alders, Lupine, Indian Paint Brush, Pussypaws, willow, huckleberry … Continue reading Harry’s Ridge + Devils Point

Bike – Hood River to Mosier

A lot of people took up bread baking during quarantine, but Nick and I decided to rekindle our childhood love for biking. This trail is perfect for those who are just taking up biking and want a workout, but not too hard of one, of course. Because let’s be real… biking hurts when you first start. A lot. Unless you have a super-duper soft seat. The … Continue reading Bike – Hood River to Mosier