Lavender Pear Dessert

Lavender has been a popular ingredients with Europeans for years; however, Americans have recently become more interested in international cuisines. Along with trying new things, living a healthier lifestyle and diet have also been on the rise. Which is awesome! Healthy living and eating, along with the international cuisine trend are a couple of the reasons why you see lavender pop up more every year … Continue reading Lavender Pear Dessert

Give Your Valentine a “Whoopie Pie” Heart

If you’re like me, you’re already planning your Valentine’s Day. If you hate Valentine’s Day, you probably aren’t reading this. I’ve always been one of those people who enjoy Valentine’s Day—whether I was single or not. This year give your sweetheart a dark chocolate “whoopie pie” heart! We enjoy these little hearts because they are so simple and easy to make! 3 reasons why this recipe … Continue reading Give Your Valentine a “Whoopie Pie” Heart

Meatless Enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas… a simple, rustic, and popular dish from Mexico. I found out about this dish from one of my fiancé’s coworkers, and while researching for a trip for my twin (not by blood) and I—Oaxaca, Mexico. Now I crave it monthly. Where do enfrijoladas come from? Even though this dish is now on most Mexican restaurant menus, I was told it comes from a humble … Continue reading Meatless Enfrijoladas

$5,000 in 52 Weeks Challenge

Researchers say that 60% of us claimed to have made a New Years resolution for the year 2018. Which seems great. However, YouGov says that “one in five Americans stuck to their 2018 New Year’s Resolution.” Yikes. Saving money is one the top 5 common New Years resolutions. Sadly, it’s also in the top 5 for most failed. Double yikes. And maybe it’s just me, but growing up … Continue reading $5,000 in 52 Weeks Challenge

Christmas Eggnog Sugar Cookies

A classic Christmas cookie & perfect for decorating: sugar cookie What’s not classic: a hint of eggnog. It’s very settle, however. These cookies are on the nice list for a couple reasons Unlike most sugar cookie recipes, you do not need to chill these! Making them perfect for time crunches They also don’t spread much, so your snowflakes will stay looking like snowflakes. Yay! Takes … Continue reading Christmas Eggnog Sugar Cookies

Pecan Pie with Dark Chocolate Chips

  Did you know that there are over 1,000 different varieties of pecans? And most of them are named after Native American tribes. They also offer more than 19 vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium and so forth. Not only that, but 1 ounce of pecans contain 10% of the RDV (recommended daily value) for fiber. While all those facts are great, … Continue reading Pecan Pie with Dark Chocolate Chips

Vegan Thanksgiving with Trader Joe’s

Holidays can be rough for vegans who have family members/friends who eat meat. Whether they refuse to make dishes that are okay for you to eat or one of those people who talk down about other’s different life choices. If you’re vegan and need to bring a dish for yourself, then bring this Breaded Turkey-less Turkey Stuffed Roast with Gravy from Trader Joe’s. I was … Continue reading Vegan Thanksgiving with Trader Joe’s

47+ Tips & Tricks for Your Road Trip

While summer is basically over, the season of holiday traveling is coming up… which probably means a little more time in the car (depending on if you live by family or not!). Some people don’t enjoy road tripping, but it’s one of Nick and I’s love language. After 5 years together our little family pretty much has the road trip packing on lock down. The … Continue reading 47+ Tips & Tricks for Your Road Trip

The Little Mermaid Food

As all my family members and friends know, I am obsessed with Disney. So, when I heard about Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live! I knew I this was an excuse to make a Disney themed meal. I googled Mermaid food, but most of the results were glitter-rainbow desserts. Which don’t it twisted, sounds delicious, but there were also no children in attendance and we needed … Continue reading The Little Mermaid Food