Monster Mash Popcorn

Calling all monsters!

This popcorn is for you!

Simple and quick are just some of the reasons why you’ll enjoy this sweet popcorn. This Monster Mash is a great party treat or a Halloween movie night snack—and it only takes several spooky ingredients.

Little “Sprinkles”

  • Stick with black, white, orange, green or purple melting chocolate for the Halloween look
  • Candy googly eyes are fun, but you can also use whatever other fun sprinkles you can find (knives, skulls, bones, spiders, etc.)
  • You can melt the candy in the microwave according to the package directions or on the stove top
  • Gently mix the popcorn and melted candy to avoid crushing the popcorn in the bowls OR dump popcorn on a cooling rack and spread the melted chocolate over them that way
  • Allow to harden before serving
  • Lay out the popcorn on a baking sheet, it will help keep them separated and harden individually
  • I prefer white popcorn (no butter), but you can also use regular buttered popcorn. The flavor might be a bit different though
  • Use other Halloween themed candy, like m&ms, Hershey kisses, etc.
  • You can also make popcorn balls with this recipe! Just roll into balls once you dump the melted chocolate on the popcorn
  • If you can’t find candy melts, use white chocolate and food coloring instead
  • Cauldron and candy melts were bought at Michael’s


  • Popcorn, popped – 1 package
  • Candy Melts, your choice of color – 1 package each
  • Halloween Sprinkles – 1 package
  • Candy Eyeballs – 1 package

*Bowl x 6
*Sauce Pot (if using stove) 
*Wax Paper
*Cookie Sheet


  1. Pop the popcorn and separate into bowls. If using 2 different colors separate into 2 bowls, and so on.
  2. Melt the colored chocolate and pour over one of the popcorn bowls. Stir to coat. Spread onto wax paper covered cookie sheet. Cover with sprinkles and candy. Repeat with other colors and popcorn bowls.
  3. Allow popcorn to harden on sheet before placing into a bowl. Mix chunks all together and top off with extra sprinkles and candy before serving.

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