All You Need To Know About Oregon & Washington Sno-Park Permits

Get all the detailed information on Sno-Park permits for Washington and Oregon in this post to avoid winter troubles during your adventures!

Wintertime does not mean free parking. And the Oregon Sno-Park permits do not work in Washington, and vice-versa.

  • Permits are valid November 1 through April 30.

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*We buy the Oregon Sno-Park Permit and the Washington Sno-Park permit. Wy’east is our home mountain, and more Oregon Sno-Parks are closer than Washington ones. However, we do go to Washington Sno-Parks more than twice a season, so purchasing a Washington permit as well makes sense for us. You might only need one depending on where you live.

Washington Sno-Park Permits

In Washington, The Winter Recreation Program manages Sno-Parks (cleared parking areas) in close proximity to groomed and backcountry trails. It is self-funded and has operated for 12 years.

Things To Know

  • Non-motorized Sno-Parks are only open to winter recreation sports like cross-country skiing, dog sledding/mushing, snowshoeing, snow play, etc.
  • Snowmobile Sno-Parks are open to both motorized and non-motorized winter hobbies.
  • You can purchase 1, 2 or 3-day permits.
  • New this season: Discover Passes are no longer required with Daily or Seasonal Sno-Park Permits!
  • Where You Will Need A Discover Pass When Visiting: All Ahtanum State Forest locations (Whites Ridge, Ahtanum Meadows, Red Saddle), and Rattlesnake Trailhead.
  • If you buy an annual pass, you can print out a temporary one while you wait for the permanent permit to arrive within the next 20 days.
  • There are 5 different types of son-park permits in Washington state.

Different Washington Sno-Park Permits

Daily Sno-Park Permit

  • $25.00 per day

1, 2 and 3-day permits can be purchased.


  • Access to any Washington Sno-Park on the dates bought for – including high-use areas.

Seasonal Sno-Park Non-Motorized Users

  • $50.00

Some Sno-Parks require a Special Groomed Sticker to be paired with the Seasonal Permit – read more below.


  • At all Washington Sno-Parks.
  • For entire season.
  • Parking at non-motorized Sno-Parks used for XC skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding/mushing, and other non-motorized winter activities. Plus Snowmobile Sno-Parks.

Seasonal Special Groomed Sticker

  • $70.00

This is required at non-motorized and motorized users at high use Sno-Parks and special groomed trails. 


  • For entire season, but needs to be paired with Seasonal Sno-Park Permit (Non-motorized or Motorized). Invalid without.

Special Groomed Trails Needed At

  • Cabin Creek State Park
  • Chiwawa State Park
  • Crystal Springs State Park
  • Hyak State Park
  • Lake Easton State Park
  • Lake Wenatchee State Park
  • Mount Spokane State Park
  • Nason Ridge State Park

Seasonal Non Motorized Permit/Special Groomed Sticker Combo

  • $120.00

A 2-for-1, Seasons Non Motorized Sno-Park Permit and Seasonal Special Groomed Sticker.

Required At

  • Cabin Creek State Park
  • Chiwawa State Park
  • Crystal Springs State Park
  • Hyak State Park
  • Lake Easton State Park
  • Lake Wenatchee State Park
  • Mount Spokane State Park – only place where you can downhill skiing and snowboarding in addition to Nordic trails for classic skiing, skate skiing and skijoring. The park also has groomed roads available for motorized and non-motorized use.
  • Nason Ridge State Park

Seasonal Snowmobile Sno-Park Permit

  • $50.00 or free – see below.

For snowmobiles, snow bikes, and fat-tire bikers. And also valid at Snowmobile Sno-Parks. This also works at Non Motorized Sno-Parks when enjoying non-motorized hobbies; however you still need a Special Groomed Sticker at high-use areas.*Washington residents can get a free Seasonal Snowmobile Sno-Park Permit when registering their snowmobile. More information here.

Where To Purchase A Washington Sno-Park Permit

You can buy them online, State Park, and other retailers around the state.

  • Retailers: Check out this list for a list of where you can purchase a Sno Park pass. A $2.00 fee is charged at retail locations.

Washington Sno-Park Permit Revenue

The revenue from passes allow for more grooming, lot clearing, cleaning, staffing, education, equipment, enforcement, and Sno-Park program administration.

  • Administration: 20%
  • Education + Enforcement: 11%
  • Equipment: 10%
  • Snow removal + Sanitation: 27%
  • Trail Grooming: 32%

Oregon Sno-Park Permits

Just like in Washington, in Oregon Sno-Park Permits are also required in designated snow park areas/winter recreation areas.

The Oregon Department of Transportation plows the Sno-parks located along mountain highways and are typically managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

*Please follow these dog rules in Oregon Sno-Park Permit areas.

Things To Know

  • Can purchase daily, 3-day or annual Sno-Park Permits.
  • There is 1 kind of sno-park permit, with 3 options.
  • Pass works in Idaho and California, but not Washington.
  • A survey taken shows that Sno-Park Annual Permit holders use the pass more than 13 times over the season.

Sno-Park Permits

Unlike Washington, there is only 1 kind of Sno-Park Permit, but 3 different types. Most Oregon Sno-Parks are on U.S. Forest Service land.

  • Annual Permit: $25.00.
  • Day Permit: $4.00.
  • 3-Day Permit: $9.00.

Where To Purchase An Oregon Sno-Park Permit

  • Online, here (under Permits à Purchase a Sno-Park permit tab) or here.
  • Gas stations.
  • DMV.
  • Mt. Hood retailers.
  • Permit agents.
  • Sporting good stores.
  • Resorts.
  • Other retail places, like Joe’s Doughnuts in Sandy.

You can print out a temporary Sno-Park permit up to 14 days while you wait for your permanent pass to arrive.

Check out this list of businesses around the state where you can purchase the Sno Park passes at.

Oregon Sno-Park Permit Revenue

The revenue from Oregon permits goes to ODOT and is mostly used for snow removal and enforcement of the permit. This leaves the Forest Service to pay for the cost of managing and designing sno-parks in Oregon; also including bathrooms, marking trails, and maintaining snow shelters.

Find A Sno-Park


Motorized & Non-motorized Maps

Non-motorized Sno-Parks

Groomed Trails

  • Mobile Friendly Maps: The PDF maps provided on through this link are geo-referenced with latitude & longitude coordinates embedded. These maps will give you your location on the trail – a data plan and cell service are NOT required if the map is saved to your phone! It uses the GPS signal on your phone.


Where To Display Your Sno-Park Permit

On the lower left corner of your windshield on the driver’s side. If not properly displayed, you may receive a fine.

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