Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic & Asian Zing “Wings” – Vegetarian & Vegan Style

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t eat him! *laughs at own joke* For this Meatless Monday meal, I recreated Buffalo Wild Wings’ parmesan garlic and Asian zing wings. Including a side of blue cheese dip, carrot slices and celery sticks, of course! The meat alternative for this is seitan Texture is everything is to me and these wings hit the spot. In fact, … Continue reading Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic & Asian Zing “Wings” – Vegetarian & Vegan Style

Matador’s Roasted Chile Rellenos

Nick and I’s 2020 New Year’s celebration took place at Matador in SE Portland. It was our first time there, but it is definitely a new favorite. While I enjoy the family owned Mexican restaurants (like El Indio off of Halsey which I’ve been going to since I was literally a newborn), I must say that this chic-Mexican inspired spot has me craving their dishes … Continue reading Matador’s Roasted Chile Rellenos

Meatless Enfrijoladas With Seitan

Enfrijoladas… a simple, rustic, and popular dish from Mexico. I found out about this dish from one of my fiancé’s coworkers, and while researching for a trip for my twin (not by blood) and I—Oaxaca, Mexico. Now I crave it monthly. Where do enfrijoladas come from? Even though this dish is now on most Mexican restaurant menus, I was told it comes from a humble … Continue reading Meatless Enfrijoladas With Seitan

Vegan Thanksgiving with Trader Joe’s

Holidays can be rough for vegans who have family members/friends who eat meat. Whether they refuse to make dishes that are okay for you to eat or one of those people who talk down about other’s different life choices. If you’re vegan and need to bring a dish for yourself, then bring this Breaded Turkey-less Turkey Stuffed Roast with Gravy from Trader Joe’s. I was … Continue reading Vegan Thanksgiving with Trader Joe’s

Trick or Treat Bucket Cake

Halloween Recipe #3: Chocolate buttercream candy cake. Decorated like a pumpkin, of course. So I’m calling this one Trick or Treat Bucket Cake. Birthday cakes are my favorite to make and this one was for my Papa’s 84th birthday! He is a second father to me, which means he deserves all the chocolate on his special day. This cake may seem a little tricky since it’s stuffed … Continue reading Trick or Treat Bucket Cake

Black Bean Brownies (GF-Vegan)

I know what you’re thinking, “uhhhh… black bean what?” but I swear, these will be some of the best brownies you’ve ever had. Not to mention they are healthy, vegan, and gluten-free! I know it’s hard to believe, but I have several people to back me up… plus every customer who bought one. These brownies also stay super soft and rich days after. I cannot … Continue reading Black Bean Brownies (GF-Vegan)

Soy Curl Noodle Soup… with a soda on the side

This recipe is perfect for that gloomy PNW day during any season. Because we all know it rains every season here. To keep this recipe vegan, you’ll want to avoid using the homemade noodle recipe I’ve attached (it contains eggs). However, I did include a homemade vegan broth for you! It is just a blend of spices, making it really simple. Meat Substitute Soy curls … Continue reading Soy Curl Noodle Soup… with a soda on the side

Soy Curl Tacos

Taco Tuesday has been a weekly ritual around here for about a year now, which means we’ve eaten a lot of tacos. While we’ve had meatless tacos, we hadn’t made tacos with a meat alternative until last night (06/25/19). I’m not a fan of tofu, so I prefer soy curls or tempeh. For this recipe I used Butler’s Soy Curls and homemade flour tortilla shells. … Continue reading Soy Curl Tacos

Jackfruit Teriyaki Bowl

All the recipes I see with jackfruit have been bbq sauce based. I love bbq sauce, but I just wasn’t feeling it on this particular night. Which led to teriyaki jackfruit! Once again, Nick loved it, so you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy this dish. I added cucumbers, which gave the bowl a light, fresh flavor against the savory soy sauce. Take a … Continue reading Jackfruit Teriyaki Bowl