Bike – Hood River to Mosier

A lot of people took up bread baking during quarantine, but Nick and I decided to rekindle our childhood love for biking. This trail is perfect for those who are just taking up biking and want a workout, but not too hard of one, of course. Because let’s be real… biking hurts when you first start. A lot. Unless you have a super-duper soft seat. The … Continue reading Bike – Hood River to Mosier

Horsetail Falls & Ponytail Falls

Distance: 0.8 Miles RT Hike Type: Out-and-Back Difficulty: Easy Elevation Gain: 360’ Trail Condition: Through a burn zone, well-maintained, forested Trail Highlights: Ponytail Falls: 88 feet plunge, Horsetail Falls: 214 feet horsetail, newly updated trail due to 2017 Eagle Creek fire, views of the Columbia River, moss covered rock walls, switchbacks, ferns Trail Head(s): Horsetail Falls Trailhead Crowd Level: Crowded Recommended Footwear: Tennis shoes + Hiking boots … Continue reading Horsetail Falls & Ponytail Falls

Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Tour

Updated: Feb. 2, 2020 TLC says don’t go chasing waterfalls, but I don’t think TLC has ever been to the Oregon Gorge. If they had, they would have never sung that. There are few places in the USA like the Columbia River Gorge. Which is probably one of the reasons why I have yet to move away from this area, despite my hate for rain. … Continue reading Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Tour

Wahclella Falls

Distance: 2.0 Miles RT Hike Type: Out-and-Back *Upper trail for loop is closed Difficulty: Easy Elevation Gain: 300’ Trail Condition: New, wide, maintained *be aware of landslides Trail Highlights: Tanner Creek, average of 127’ (3-tier) Wahclella Falls (changes heights seasonally), 35’ Munra Falls, fire damage from 2017 Eagle Creek Fire, 1973 landslide zone, canyon, 3 footbridges, spots to hang out around the base of the falls, walk … Continue reading Wahclella Falls

Mount Defiance 413

Distance: 12.4 RT Hike Type: Out-and-Back Difficulty: Hard Elevation Gain: 5,100 Trail Condition: Rocky in spots, exposed areas, steep, 20+ switchbacks, uneven ground, narrow, some fire damage Trail Highlights: Fire damaged trees from 2017 Eagle Creek fire, radio tower, beargrass, lupine, paintbrush and more, Hole in the Wall Falls (95 feet), Cabin Creek Falls (220 feet), Lancaster Falls (250 foot top tier), and views of: Mount … Continue reading Mount Defiance 413

Hamilton Mountain – “The Saddle”

Distance: 8.0 Miles RT Hike Type: Out-and-Back or an option of a loop Difficulty: Moderate Elevation Gain: 2,038’ Trail Condition: Well-maintained, rocky at some points, narrow Trail Highlights: Hardy Falls, Rodney Falls, Pool of the Winds, wooden staircase, cliffs, Viewpoints of Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, Beacon Rock, Hardy Ridge, Bonneville Dam, Table Mountain, Nesmith Point and Little Hamilton Mountain. Playground … Continue reading Hamilton Mountain – “The Saddle”

Catherine Creek – Rowland Hill

Distance: 5.1 miles RT Hike Type: Three connected loops Difficulty: Easy Elevation Gain: 1,198 Trail Condition: Dirty, rocky, grassy, have to walk on the road for a couple hundred yards Trail Highlights: Views of: Rowland Lake, Columbia River Gorge, Catherine Creek Arch, Mount Hood on a clear day, Catherine Creek, snakes, poison oak, cliff like views, little shade, basalt cliffs, old homestead, wildflowers, small waterfall … Continue reading Catherine Creek – Rowland Hill