DIY Living Room Theater: Bring The Movie To You

Lately I’ve been trying to find ways to add special little touches to our everyday quarantine activities. Since nobody can enjoy the regular social activities, I figured we could at least pretend. Our theme for this movie night was Disney– since we were screening Pixar’s Onward. Which also meant that I had to make a dish from Disneyland for dinner and wear our Disney t-shirts. … Continue reading DIY Living Room Theater: Bring The Movie To You

$5,000 in 52 Weeks Challenge

Researchers say that 60% of us claimed to have made a New Years resolution for the year 2018. Which seems great. However, YouGov says that “one in five Americans stuck to their 2018 New Year’s Resolution.” Yikes. Saving money is one the top 5 common New Years resolutions. Sadly, it’s also in the top 5 for most failed. Double yikes. And maybe it’s just me, but growing up … Continue reading $5,000 in 52 Weeks Challenge

5 Reasons To Visit Halloweentown

If you grew up during the late 90’s, early 2000’s chances are Halloweentown was a classic during the Halloween season. This Disney movie transported us to a land full of friendly monsters and witches through the TV, but now there is a way to visit Halloweentown in person as an adult. The saying is “New York never sleeps” but around St. Helens, it’s “Halloween never sleeps.” Take … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Visit Halloweentown

Kenzi Shipley Photography

Okay, so you know those cute couples that have a business together? Or in Kenzi and Justin’s case, that cute multiple owned-business couple. This is them! We met Kenzi and her beau at the Abiqua Falls shoot and I’ve been following her ever since. I’ve loved watching her work grow over the past few months and I can’t wait to see what she will be … Continue reading Kenzi Shipley Photography

B Sweet Imagery – Brooke S

Brooke was one of the photographers we met at the Abiqua Falls shoot the other month. Not only was she fun to chat with, but come to find out, she’s from the Vancouver area as well! She offers engagement, lifestyle and family sessions, weddings and also film! And her social media/website is on point. She basically does it all! Brooke even provides tips on what … Continue reading B Sweet Imagery – Brooke S

I-Got-That-Covered Travel Bag

  HAPPY TRAVELING! If there’s one thing I’ve got down in my personal life it’s packing/organizing. You should see how intense it gets when I’m packing a house. Some people think that’s a little over board, but they haven’t even heard of my travel kit. I once had someone say “Oh my gosh, that’s how you get more sick.” Another guy looked at me like … Continue reading I-Got-That-Covered Travel Bag

Little Daisy Photography

BEHOLD! My first post about a photographer/creator I have made a connection with! I realize that this isn’t on the exact vibe of my other trail descriptions, road trips and recipes, BUT it is does fall under my ‘Things To Do in PDX’ category to an extent. Sharing my outdoor knowledge and cooking are big passions of mine, but another one is photography! I’m definitely … Continue reading Little Daisy Photography