Bike – Hood River to Mosier

A lot of people took up bread baking during quarantine, but Nick and I decided to rekindle our childhood love for biking. This trail is perfect for those who are just taking up biking and want a workout, but not too hard of one, of course. Because let’s be real… biking hurts when you first start. A lot. Unless you have a super-duper soft seat. The … Continue reading Bike – Hood River to Mosier

DIY Living Room Theater: Bring The Movie To You

Lately I’ve been trying to find ways to add special little touches to our everyday quarantine activities. Since nobody can enjoy the regular social activities, I figured we could at least pretend. Our theme for this movie night was Disney– since we were screening Pixar’s Onward. Which also meant that I had to make a dish from Disneyland for dinner and wear our Disney t-shirts. … Continue reading DIY Living Room Theater: Bring The Movie To You

Count Down Chicken Fusilli from Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Disneyland

This dish comes from Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. I’ve actually never ordered this dish before (I’ve always stuck to pizza), so I was excited to try it at home! I would consider this pasta a “wet” pasta. As in the sauce is not thick, but more of a soup consistency. Making a plate that is completely flat not a good plating … Continue reading Count Down Chicken Fusilli from Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Disneyland

Murgh Makhani / Butter Chicken

Making a new meatless meal every Monday can sometimes be a challenge. So far, I’ve made it almost a full month without repeating a dish! But I felt like I was running out of ideas. Which is what led me to the dish murgh makhani. If you aren’t a fan of garam masala, tandoori and ginger, you won’t enjoy this dish. This is a plate … Continue reading Murgh Makhani / Butter Chicken

Top 10 Wildflower Trails Near Portland

UPDATED: 4/27/21 Spring showers bring flowers… and by showers, I mean downpours if you live in the Pacific Northwest. I may not be the biggest fan of rain, but the meadows outside of Portland are the reward for putting up it. Some consider March 1st the first day of spring, but astronomically the first day of spring is the spring equinox. Usually this day falls between March 19th … Continue reading Top 10 Wildflower Trails Near Portland

Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic & Asian Zing “Wings” – Vegetarian & Vegan Style

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t eat him! *laughs at own joke* For this Meatless Monday meal, I recreated Buffalo Wild Wings’ parmesan garlic and Asian zing wings. Including a side of blue cheese dip, carrot slices and celery sticks, of course! The meat alternative for this is seitan Texture is everything is to me and these wings hit the spot. In fact, … Continue reading Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic & Asian Zing “Wings” – Vegetarian & Vegan Style

Matador’s Roasted Chile Rellenos

Nick and I’s 2020 New Year’s celebration took place at Matador in SE Portland. It was our first time there, but it is definitely a new favorite. While I enjoy the family owned Mexican restaurants (like El Indio off of Halsey which I’ve been going to since I was literally a newborn), I must say that this chic-Mexican inspired spot has me craving their dishes … Continue reading Matador’s Roasted Chile Rellenos

Lavender Pear Dessert

Lavender has been a popular ingredients with Europeans for years; however, Americans have recently become more interested in international cuisines. Along with trying new things, living a healthier lifestyle and diet have also been on the rise. Which is awesome! Healthy living and eating, along with the international cuisine trend are a couple of the reasons why you see lavender pop up more every year … Continue reading Lavender Pear Dessert